Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Detmold brothers get Wild

There is one other Fall '10 Calla Edition title I want to bring to talk about— one that came to the attention of Dover a few years ago when I was combing through the work of the brothers Muarice and Edward Detmold, to compile An Edwardian Bestiary, completely filled with illustrations from these two brothers. Early in their development, The two had found strength in animal representations. Their first book, Pictures from Birdland, (1899) contains some superb work, influenced by Asian woodblock prints, art-nouveau design, and the brothers own sensitivities to wildlife. Amazing stuff. Then look at the fact that they were teenagers (sixteen!) when they did the work, and you get an idea of the capabilities they had at their disposal.
The Brothers took on Kipling's Jungle Book as a subject for a portfolio of 16 plates in 1903. When they were later added to the text by the publisher Macmillan, it made for a beautiful edition of the work—but the plates with the text were very small, a fraction of the size they appeared in the portfolio. Calla is printing the plates larger than they have ever been printed with the text, including several images as spreads, with art reproduced from an original 1903 portfolio.

The second book I will be developing in the next season will further Dover's look at Edmund Dulac. I've spoken twice about Dulac in the past year, the second time foreshadowing the coming of this title. After strong success with Dulac's Fairy Tale Illustrations, and continued peeks at his imagery in Poe Illustrated, Arabian Nights Illustrated, and others, Dover felt we had enough interest to support a broader look at the illustration work of this pillar of the Golden Age. I'm really looking forward to putting this project together. An Edmund Dulac Treasury will be available in February of 2011.

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